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                                                29 December 1996.  SMS.

      DELQA (DEQNA?) Ethernet Cabinet Kit Cable

   This document describes the cabinet kit for a DELQA Q-bus Ethernet
interface board.  The kit comprises the AUI connector and fuse assembly
at the bulkhead panel, and the cable from the bulkhead panel to the
DELQA board.

   The kit for a DEQNA was similar, and this one would probably work for
a DEQNA, too.

   The connector at the board end of the cable is a 2x12 position,
0.1-inch pitch female.  The corresponding connector on the DELQA
(M7516[YM]) is a 2x10 male.  The outer two pairs of hole on the female
connector are unused, but the male connector accomodates the 2x12 female
connector.  The pin numbers shown below are for the 2x10-pin male
connector on the board.  The AUI connector is a DB15-S (female).  The
fuse on the bulkhead panel near the AUI connector is a 1.5A, 25V,

   DELQA connector, as viewed from cable end.

      xx 19 17 15 13 11 09 07 05 03 01 xx
      xx 20 18 16 14 12 10 08 06 04 02 xx

   DELQA  Signal       Wire color          AUI (D.xx) and fuse assembly

     01   Power +12V   Red                 fuse tip
     02   (nc)         (missing on male,
                       plugged on female)
     03   Return 12V   (nc)
     04   Return 12V   Blk                 D.06
     05   Ground       (nc)
     06   Receive +    Wht                 D.05
     07   Receive -    Gra                 D.12
     08   Ground       (nc)
     09   Ground       (nc)
     10   Transmit +   Org                 D.03
     11   Transmit -   Yel                 D.10
     12   Ground       Bare                D.04
     13   Ground       (nc)
     14   Collision +  Blu                 D.02
     15   Collision -  Grn                 D.09
     16   Ground       (nc)
     17   (nc)         (nc)
     18   (nc)         Tan                 D.07
     19   (nc)         Brn                 D.15
     20   Fuse OK      Vio                 fuse ring
                                           fuse ring  --- Org --- D.13

   The cable is double shielded.  "Bare" is the inner shield.  The outer
shield is connected to the bulkhead panel near the AUI connector.

   As the author (dimly) recalls, the DEQNA cabinet kit cable had one
fewer wire, presumably not a very important one.

DELQA DIP Switches

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