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      DELQA and DELQA-PLUS (DELQA-YM) Switch Settings


   The DELQA is a Q-bus Ethernet adapter.  The usual cabinet kit
provides a 10Base5 (AUI) connector.  The DELQA replaces the obsolete

   The standard DELQA (M7516) and the DELQA-PLUS, also known as the
DELQA-YM, "DELQA-T", and "DELQA Turbo" (M7516-YM), use the same hardware
but different firmware.


   The 5-position switch sets the mode and CSR address.

      Switch 1: CSR:      closed: CSR = 17774440  (Default)
                            open: CSR = 17774460

      Switch 2: Reserved: closed (default)

      Switch 3: Mode:     closed: Normal mode  (Default)
      Switch 4: Option    closed: MOP remote boot disabled  (Default)
                            open: MOP remote boot enabled

      Switch 3: Mode:       open: DEQNA-lock (compatibility) mode
      Switch 4: Option    closed: Sanity timer disabled
                            open: Sanity timer enabled

      Switch 5: Reserved: closed  (Default)

      Switch 5: T-mode:   closed: DELQA-T mode enabled  (Default)
                            open: DELQA-T mode disabled

   The "sanity timer" may also be called the "host inactivity timer".


   In SYSGEN CONFIGURE for a DELQA, specify device "QNA".

DELQA Cabinet Kit (Cable)

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