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Mtools for VMS - Utilities to Access MS-DOS Disks

Mtools - General Description

Excerpt from the mtools Web Page:

Mtools is a collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix without mounting them.

Programs like PCDISK (included in the PATHWORKS and Advanced Server products) and MGPCX exist for VMS, and they may be used to work with DOS-format (floppy) diskettes. Mtools extends this capability to other media with greater capacity, such as Iomega Zip disks and USB flash storage devices, plus disk image files.

Mtools Web Site

Mtools 3.9.10 for VMS

Mtools 3.9.10 VMS-Ready Kit

Mtools for VMS Archive

All versions of mtools for VMS, including older and experimental ones, may be found at the archive: /ftp/mtools/

FTP access is also available at:

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