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PGP - Pretty Good Privacy for VMS


The files referenced below show changes made to various components of PGP for VMS and DEC C to reduce compiler warnings, fix a bug (missing "%s" in an "fprintf()" format string for an error message), and add a minor feature (look for key-ring files near the user's home directory).

For more modern software in this category, see GnuPG for VMS.

Universal Disclaimer

No claims are made regarding the quality of the modifications, and because of the status of encryption software under U.S. law, any use of this material should be regarded as falling under all the same restrictions as those described in the original program sources.

Only new or changed files are provided here. To build with these changes, first get a complete source package from one of the original program sources referenced below, replace the modified files, and proceed as usual. The change notes files describe (in an approximate way) possible build procedures.

Changes are provided for the MIT 2.6.2 distribution and for the International PGP Users Group (PGPI) 2.6.3 distribution (USA and non-USA versions). To build a USA-legal version from the PGPI, an RSA library is required. The material below assumes the use of the RSAREF kit from the MIT distribution.

Suggestions and complaints are always welcome, but low expectations are more realistic than high ones.

Original Source Web sites

Change Notes and Modified Files

MIT PGP version 2.6.2

PGPI PGP version 2.6.3[i]

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