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QREADCD - Make a CD-ROM Image File Faster Than DCL COPY


One way to copy a CD-ROM on a VMS system is to mount the CD-ROM device using MOUNT /FOREIGN, and then use COPY to create an image file which may be used with a program like CDRECORD to make the copy.

Unfortunately, COPY does this very slowly. QREADCD is a C program which uses low-level (QIO) I/O to copy a CD-ROM much more quickly than DCL COPY (about 6X on an AlphaStation 200 4/233 with an NEC 40X CD-ROM drive). For example, with the latest (27-NOV-2004) version of QREADCD (using an AOL 5.0 CD-ROM):

alp $ pipe show time ; copy cd1: aol5_copy.img ; show time
  29-SEP-2004 20:21:41
%COPY-W-INCOMPAT, ALP$DKA400:[].; (input) and ALP$DKA0:[SMS.cdr]AOL5_COPY.IMG;1
(output) have incompatible attributes
%COPY-E-READERR, error reading ALP$DKA400:[].;
-RMS-F-RER, file read error
-SYSTEM-F-ILLBLKNUM, illegal logical block number
%COPY-W-NOTCMPLT, ALP$DKA400:[].; not completely copied
  29-SEP-2004 20:33:06

   [Time: 00:11:25 = 685s.]

alp $ pipe show time ; qreadcd cd1: aol5_qrcd.img ; show time
  28-NOV-2004 00:09:52
 Total bytes read = 143693824.
 Time (s) =     76.
  28-NOV-2004 00:11:09

   [Time: 00:01:17 = 77s.]



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